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Bringing out the best in your household, making your home more comfortable and enjoyable.  Bringing out the best in your service business making it stand out above the competition.


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The Wolf Service is a consulting/project based company offering the perfect combination of a troubleshooting mentality with an eye for detail and exacting standards but a simple and straightforward, efficient approach to achieving results. I work with those who work with you to solve problems and provide you with the best service possible.


Have your problems solved and/or your  staff trained on site in the environment where they work!


Learn more about Graham J Lefford and The Wolf Service below.



Home Owner Problems?
VVendor Employee Problems?
Do you feel like your house could run better?
Does your staff perform their work as well as you would like?
Is your staff working efficiently?
Do you have the right staff?
Need help with your staffing agency to find the right type of people for your home?
Does the mood or feel of your home properly respresent your family?
Are you comfortable in your home? Do you receive the service you deserve from your staff?
Does the service your guests receive make you proud?
Have you ever thought you could use an extra hand on a specific project?
Doing construction?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Do you wonder if anyone is actually working for you?
Do you know how your employees work on site?
Do you know how your employees represent you while on the job?
How much business do you lose because an employee mistakenly offends a client?
How much business do you lose because of accidental damage on the job site?
Have you lost work because someone left a mess behind when they finished a job?
Have you ever talked with your employees about mindfulness on the job?
Do you have a script for those who answer phones or provide quotes?
Are your company vehicles a proud representation of the service you provide?
When is the last time you talked about the fact that you run a SERVICE business?


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Cell/Office: 631.875.2214


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