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Personal Background

The name "The Wolf"  is based on a character from a movie who's role was that of a problem solver.  He came on scene into bad situations and quickly and efficiently fixed them, leaving no trace that anything had ever been wrong.  Years ago, while working a busy hectic job, a worker from a sub-contractor come up to me and referenced this character saying, I was The Wolf!  He referenced the movie role and related how I was keeping all the madness on the job under control and moving forward.  This  compliment has always stuck with me.  Marrying this notion of the problem solver with all my years of personal service brought me to The Wolf Service.


Originally from London, England, I was raised in a strict family where manners and presentation were held to the highest standards.  This translated for me into a natural service mentality.  My first job was as a dishwasher in a summer resort, where I was quickly promoted to waiter.  It seemed my future was set at that point.  I did attend university where I studied Biochemistry, but service called me back. 


I have worked in service and management for 39 years, 28 of them in UHNW private homes as a Butler and House Manager.  The first 11 years in top Restaurants and Hotels. I got my first job as a Butler almost by chance in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  This first HNW position was a formal home with a large staff working under a Major Domo.  It was here that I learned the intricacies of working in a private home, furniture, art and supervising the trades as they worked inside the house and on the grounds.  After about 4 years the Major Domo departed and I was left to help run the home.  After a little more than 7 years in that first job, I moved to New York City for a Butler/House Manager position.  It has been a whirl wind for me ever since! 


I have had the privilege to manage and run some of the most incredible estates and homes in the country.  I have served families of every style.  The knowledge and experience I have gained through these experiences put me firmly in the top tier of this industry.


My mission is to take the skills and knowledge I have gained and put them to use helping as many families as I can. 


Let me, "The Wolf" bring out the best in your service!


Yours in service

Graham J Lefford

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