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I know from experience that no matter how well you perform your trade, you leave work behind for the house staff or home owner.  As the owner of the business you probably lack the time to spend with your workers to address these issues in a way that gets the message across.  I can solve this problem for you!  My Vendor Certificate Program addresses all the problems I have seen over 38 years.  I cover these issues in a realistic but fun way so that your employees will remember and practice the good habits I will teach during my program.  If you perform service work in a private home or small office, don't leave scratches on the walls, dirt on the floors, fingerprints on the door jambs and debris in your wake, or worse offend the home owner!  I will work with you and your employees to bring out the best in your service.


Set yourself apart from the competition by being The Wolf Certified! 



Certificate program for all vendors, tradesmen and craftsman who work in private homes and small offices

Training on how to work without damaging the areas around you

Rules of etiquette for working in an HNW home


Simple techniques for keeping your work area clean


Easy rules of conduct to make you special to your client


Understanding how to best represent yourself and your company

Learning the importance of the services you provide


Teaching the things that will bring out the best in your service


Certificate of Completion for all those completing Vendor Training Course



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