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The Base Plate - Table Manners Class - Holly Academy 5th Grade

Holly, Michigan. Holly Academy has a 5th grade class trip to Mackinac Island each spring. The class stays at The Grand Hotel on the island. It is a famous old hotel (built in 1887) that holds to the classic standards of protocol. At 6:30pm each evening, men are to be in jacket and tie, ladies in evening dress. For the third year in a row I have taught a table manners class prior to the trip to help prepare the young men and women of Holly Academy for their stay at the Hotel and for dinning in the formal restaurant. I taught this class at the end of May this year. A week after the trip I ran into a parent who happily informed me that her daughter corrected her at the dinner table. The mum was going to use her base plate as a bread plate, the daughter was NOT going to let that happen. Please see a short clip covering "the base plate".

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