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Its all about the details

We are currently going through a heat wave. It is very hot and humid. Very Hot!

Every day I drive past this law firm. They clearly make money. They have a large office building and the sign by the road was not inexpensive to install. On the top of the sign prominently displaying that they are Lawyers and announcing their name is the sign that alternates back and forth between time and temperature. It’s actually a nice service to the driving community to have that information displayed. Problem is: It has read 185 degrees for a few months now. The fact that this sign is broken isn’t the issue. The fact that it has been broken for so long and no one has done anything about it is astounding.

This may not be the responsibility of the law firm, maybe they just rent space in the building, but by virtue that their name is prominently listed under the faulty display points the finger direct at them. This make them look like they either don’t care, don’t have an eye for detail or simply don’t realize this reflects poorly on them as a business. I wouldn’t turn to them for help. Would you?

Please, either fix the sign, or just turn it off!

This is a lesson that I think can apply to all people and jobs. Pay attention to the details. If that sign were turned off, no one would notice it. If you are a butler and have two tea sets in your house and the Lady’s favorite is in need of repair. Use the other set! Even if she complains, it is better than using something that is broken or looks faulty.

If you are doing a repair in someone else’s home, make sure the repairs worked before you leave.

If you move or change something that belongs to someone else, return it to how you found it.

One of my biggest issues in a home is when I have someone working on HVAC and they change the thermostats in a room to test the system, or restart the thermostats (in the case of smart thermostats) and don’t return them to the original settings. This creates problems in the house and work for me. No matter how well they did the repair, they end up looking unprofessional and show a lack of detail.

Pay attention to the details. Always represent yourself and your employer the best you can and use common sense! I really don’t want my house to be 82 degrees, and it can’t possibly be 185 degrees outside every day!

Graham Lefford

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