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How to use a live trap (Successfully)

Have a pesky critter problem and want to catch them yourself? It’s easy to do! Just go to your local store and buy a live trap and follow the directions how to set it. Easy, right! Maybe not so much.

Over the years I have developed some easy tricks of my own. I have been very successful and have saved a ton of money not having to pay for a company to do the work.

Before we start, there are a few things I should tell you:

If you have a critter in your attic and catching it requires setting a trap on a roof, HIRE a professional.

Always have a contact for critter removal on hand in case you catch a Skunk.

Don’t be cruel! Only set traps when you can manage them properly. Set on nights you will have time to check on them and dispose of critter the next morning. Don’t leave critter in trap all day.

Now we can set up the trap.

My trick for catching Racoons, Possums, Neighborhood cats and Skunks:

  • Bait with a can of cat food and ½ a banana

  • Place entire cage inside a large black plastic garbage bag

  • Set trap around bushes or close to a structure

This work really well for me. I guess the animals think they are entering a safe protected space. Yes, I did catch the two raccoons above using this technique.

To release a Racoon or Possum:

If you live in a rural area place cage with animal in trunk (put protection underneath and do this early in the morning before its hot out) and drive to a predetermined location like state or federal lands, open farm lands or some other suitable habitat location for the animal. A local urban park does NOT qualify as a suitable habitat, nor does your annoying neighbor! Besides, most experts recommend moving an animal 5 miles from where you caught them.

Many urban areas have call in numbers. If you call, they will come and take the animal from your site and dispose of humanely. Use this service if you can, it is generally FREE.

To release the Neighbor’s Cat:

If you catch your neighbor’s cat, just release it as quick as you can. Note: I have never caught the same cat twice. They are far too clever for that.

To release a Skunk:

If you catch a skunk, which I have done, you’d best call an expert to dispose of it. They will be extremely appreciative of the fact that you have the cage inside a garbage bag already, and may even give you a discount on the removal fee! Pay the fee, whatever it is, to save from being sprayed up close.

Good Luck!

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