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Shortly after taking off from Long Island McArthur Airport this morning on a rare weekend I could plan a getaway, we passed over the Hamptons. The twin forks seen in the above photograph… the sun just starting to rise… Peaceful, serene, beautiful!

Hard to imagine from that picture what the day will bring on street level.

I have been in service over 40 years so I tend to look at everything from a service point of view so with that tilt in my mindset I imagined (from experience) life unfolding below.

Life in service anywhere is a demanding job. In the Hamptons, even more so! There are those obviously on the front line of service. We immediately think of those in restaurants and retail and indeed these people spend their lives in the trenches. I can’t think the last time I was in a restaurant or a store where I didn’t witness someone being unnecessarily rude or demanding to the person trying their best to serve them with a smile. Believe me, these people aren’t suffering just 5 minutes of this. They suffer most days from some form of abuse.

I then thought of all the housekeepers, nannies, housemen and other household staff who work in the high-end homes and suffer at the hands of their employers on an almost daily basis. Even the kindest employer has demands that can push the most reasonable person to the very edge of their limits in this “I want it and I want it NOW” society we all live in.

This summer, I got pulled over by the local police. I may have been a tad over the speed limit…

The officer waved me over and I complied to his requests for paper and such with simple “yes sir”, “thank you” and other respectful answers. Before he even walked away from my car with my papers, he said “you have been so nice, if I see your record is clear I will let you off with a warning”. The comment speaks volumes to the abuse these service people take just trying to do their jobs. He returned from his car a few minutes later giving me a warning only and thanking me again for being so pleasant. I wished him a good day, thanked him and drove away. Slowly!!

There are many other service jobs that people don’t think about, but they also take abuse from the people they serve on a regular basis. Landscapers, trades people (plumbers, electricians etc.), pool services, mechanics… I could go on and on with this list.

I know life can be frustrating and often these are the easiest people on which to take out your frustrations. Try and remember they are just trying to make your life better, easier, safer, happier, more relaxing… What ever your need is at that moment… Be kind! Say please and thank you… or just a smile can make things so much better.

To everyone in service: Today I hope someone is kind and gives you a smile. Today I hope some gesture helps to make you feel like all your hard work is worth it!


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