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In my 25 years  gardening  in The Hamptons, Graham Lefford is by far the finest estate manager/ butler I have ever worked with.


I have had the pleasure of working with him on three different estates and he is a true professional. He works hard to " get the job done", whatever that entails, for our mutual clients. He has the ability to juggle vendors, builders, decorators, clients and house guests and he always does it with his usual charm and a smile. I have seen him  work his magic on so many occasions; from a client calling him on the phone at 2 and telling him there are going to be 30 for dinner at 8, to whole house renovations, to interviewing and hiring contractors to building golf courses. He knows virtually everything and what he doesn't know, if he needs to, he learns!


Graham is the quintessential butler and anyone who wants to work in this field, would be foolish not to learn from the best. 


Romi Sloan

P.O. Box 2266

Southampton NY,11969

P: 631-287-7664

F: 800-581-0067

Graham Lefford is one of the best people I have ever met.  I first met, and started working with Graham almost twenty years ago in New York.  He taught me everything in the estate management business.  I would not be a very successful estate manager today if it was not for Graham.

Eamonn O'Carra

Estate Manager

Dallas, Texas

Another Win Today!

Thanks, Graham, for being the best crew chief ever!

Road Atlanta 2017

Jen Morton, wife of Peter Morton, SCCA amateur race car driver.

Not only is Graham extremely efficient and gets literally any job done with no fuss, he is an absolute inspiration to work with.  There are few people in the work place of Graham's caliber and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Luc Turbier

Private Chef

Graham works with pride and achieves a superior standard. Graham is thoughtful, efficient, and resourceful; he works tirelessly to motivate his staff to do the same.

Cynthia Russ

Private Chef

On behalf of DEMA National, I wish to thank you for speaking at the 2013 Domestic Estate Managers Association Convention in Orlando, September 27th - 29th, and for assisting DEMA in its mission to educate Private Service Professionals and raise standards in the private service industry. The convention was a rousing success thanks to your valuable contribution.

We especially appreciate your flexibility and willingness to accommodate our last-minute request to fill in an empty seat on "The Downton Abbey Effect" panel, discussing what consequences increased media awareness may have on the industry.

Thank you for your participation,
Kelly Larson

DEMA National Secretary

January 2017


Now in my 14th year in business, no. 132 in America and 7th in North Texas for residential roofing. I need to tell you that I was thinking about you and all that you taught me at such a young age.  Had you not given me a chance, I don't know that I would be where I am today.  Thank you Graham!

Daniel Askari, President

Absolute Construction


July 2017

We are a Party Rental/Entertainment Co. that’s been working with a client’s yearly event for 10 years now.

Over the 10 years the family’s had several consultants, that handled everything that we provided to the family for this event.


This last event was event bigger than past events, and without  the help of Graham Lefford, it may not have run nearly as smooth.

He has been without a doubt the best consultant to work with, because of his hard work and commitment to make sure his guests

were happy and our  staff at Fairy Tale Productions were on the same page with the service we provided to the family.  He was  able to juggle guests, vendors, in a professional manner

That made it work with great ease, truly magical to say the least.


As the president of Fairy Tale Productions our entire staff was delighted to work with such a gentleman, and we hope to do more work with him.




Joseph Palagonia


Fairytale Productions Inc

PO Box 139

Nesconset N.Y. 11767


PH 631-863-1600

Fax 631-863-0042

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